Thompson machine isis 22 suppressor. The pilot 2 isn't rated for . 578X28 Booster Included, Weighs 7. Add to Cart The item has been added. Thompson Machine ISIS-2. of energy vs about 360 ft. ISIS-2 Fixed Booster 1/2x28- For . 99. For new suppressor owner just get a quality 30 cal and a rimfire suppressor. 5", weight of 4. Use your 3-D modeling (CAD) software to . Improvements to the old design include a threadless tube (both stronger and easier to disassemble), and improved [] The Isis-1 was great, the Isis-2 (new for 2012) is even better! Now rated for SUBSONIC . It's when you have a 16 inch barrel and then put a 20-24oz suppressor on the end, is when the thing starts to act like a boat anchor. FS:::: Thompson Machine Suppressors-- 9mm ISIS 2 and 22lr ISIS 22. 7oz. 22 LR and also for . My plan is to get one to use on both my 22 and my 9mm. Gemtech GMT-300 Suppressor . 22LR, second 5 shots are Federal 555 bulk pack. The end user can choose to shoot the Horizon as a 1 to . IF I like it, then I'll order the Guardian 9, which'll work on my G17, the . 00. 09-12-2011, 09:19 PM. The Isis22 The Culmination of countless hours of R&D, the Thompson Machine Isis22 sets a new standard for what a rimfire suppressor should be. Version #1 is a Ruger 10/22 based integrally suppressed 10" SBR. I pour it down the front then just shake it around a little bit. 22 LR rifle. Thompson Machine Tough suppressors for the real world! Welcome to Thompson Machine! We have been designing and building the most cutting edge suppressors in the world since 1991. SolidWorks E-drawings: Select the file you wish to download, click Save. It is shorter and lighter than the original SG, features an ultra-strong threadless-tube design, and now uses the same interchangeable thread adapter systems as our popular Isis-2 and QMF-2 series of suppressors. A wet can might help a little on that but if you could get a non flammable gas into the suppressor somehow it would probably be best. 22s and . Thomas Center 22 Classic . 45ACP [Isis 45] - The Isis-1 was great, the Isis-2 is even better! Now rated for SUBSONIC . It uses wipes and is always run wet to get the rated suppression level. I have light for 22 . The HORIZON 22lr Modular Silencer is ready and shipping. 22: $325: CHD Full Auto . I ordered the ti-rant 9 from silencer shop before chrismas for $400 plus got a $200 coupon for the AAC store that I plan to use for the 762-sd. 11-22-2009 Administrator (Administrator) . I've watched the demo vids for them and even watched one with a P22 shot thru the 9mm can. Remove from Compare Add to Compare. com) — Austin Miller from GunReports. If you want a really compact, dedicated . The majority of purchasing questions I get revolve around “what can is best for my [xyz gun]”. 00; Sale! Read More. 38: . I'm looking to buy my first suppressor, but I'm not sure which route to go. Avoid 556 can for AR15. Yankee Hill Machine 12 items ; F1 . 25. 95. 12 rounds sheared off and made it through the core. The big deal with the "2" is the non-thread assembly. If you are not 100% satisfied with your suppressor after your Form 4 is approved, . $945. Mockingbird Precision THOMPSON MACHINE ISIS-2 . 22 mag though, but the Element and Sparrow both are. It boasts a 22" barrel with an excellent bore, has a blued finish, fiber optic iron sights, and a 4 x 32 Barska sco. I'm looking at either a Thompson Machine Isis or Poseidon. ----- Our entire lineup is in stock and available now for transfer. Sounds like you just need to get a mount compatible with a QD suppressor -OR- if you choose a thread-on suppressor, get a muzzle device that doesn't need a washer or timing like a KIES Linear Comp (available in 5. The Medium cover is rated up to 100 . We have a used Thompson Center 22 Classic . 5", 22LR, 6061 T6 Material, Anodized Matte Black Finish, 1/2X28 Threads, Weighs 4. 22lr -$55; ISIS-2 Recoil Booster 1/2x28- $135; Total= $577 after tax is what I payed; After payment, we will get with Shawn (TSConver) and have him transfer over your information, and fill out . Machine Shop and Full Gunsmithing Services . This will be a two stamp gun. RYDER 22-A*: 1: THOMPSON MACHINE: ZEPHYR* 1: THOMPSON MACHINE: . The Horizon Consists of 10 total baffles (4 long baffles & 6 short baffles) and a muzzle cap made of 7075 aluminum, and a base cup made of Grade 5 Titanium. 5″ DIAMETER suppressors. ago · edited 6 yr. lbs. Categories . 300 AAC Blackout, 6. $119. . Suppressor Cover Light (Rimfire Suppressors) 1″ DIAMETER. Alternatively, I could go cheap and get the ISIS-2, which would probably also work just as well for this pistol. @waltherarms P22 hosting a Thompson Machine ISIS-22. of energy going from an 18" barrel to a 12" barrel. They offer a line of suppressors engineered for full user serviceability. Do not Buy this if you are unfamiliar with how the NFA process works. I understand I will be making a compromise with the 22 but it's worth it to use only 1 can. 22 LR rifle for sale. Well, the partial-thread, really. For comparison purposes, we fire it next to the AAC Element. 00 $258. igs File: Select the file you wish to download, click Save. Shoots great and fulfills my Mossad counter-assassination itch. Just a few days ago I picked up my suppressor ready CZ P-09. Using a 9mm instead would be far more practical as an SBR. 5″ in length, and exactly 1. 22LR Rimfire Suppressor. Avg Rating: Templar Tactical Nemesis 30. Check out the YouTube for them, they did a side by side comparison between the isis 22 and about a dozen other 22 cans. The easiest way to do this whole First Silencer thing is to list out some options based on caliber and host platform. M&P22 with the unfortunately named Thompson Machine Isis22 Suppressor [1500x1095] Close. The core fully circumferentially welded to . Demonstration of the new for 2012 Thompson Machine Isis22 . Product Description. # silencer # rimfire # 22lr # pistol # pistols # shooting # igguns # gunsdaily # guns # gunporn # gunsofinstagram # 2a # 2ndamendment # pewpew # pewpewlife # raleigh # ncguns You want a brake but still want to use a suppressor. exe file. Review financing options with. 17 Suppressor. 22LR suppressor. · 6 yr. MSRP is $280. Available in 9mm, 40 and . I know the big thing right now is suppressors for multiple calibers, so I was thinking I might spend the money and get the Mystic X. (read more) Gun #: 905286048. 5" Diameter SHORT Suppressors(Based on . 300 Blackout as well as centerfire pistol and rimfire calibers, the Isis-2 is truly among the quietest and most versatile 9mm pistol suppressors on the market. Top that off with a full-auto and . Thompson Machine is a Florida-based company in operation since 1991 providing rapid prototyping and design services. Also with shorter barrel firearms, you can get away with a slightly heavier suppressor. If your rifle suppressor is not between 5″ – 8. Availability: Out of stock Submit Best Offer. The Isis22′s features include a threadless-tube monocore design that is . Cart. 62mm light machine guns. you may return it to Silencer Shop for a full refund . The military-chosen MG-SD is a single unit solution for reducing the signature of 5. Solid Model *. In addition to making it FRP-less, Thompson Machine also took away the threads, as well as the need for tools. Mockingbird Precision : Thompson Machine - AR-15 Parts AR-10/LR-308 Parts Ammunition Handguns / Pistols Optics and Accessories Rimfire Accessories Protective Gear Magazines Long Guns / Rifles Gun Cases & Gear Bags NFA Firearms - Machinegun/SBR Suppressors Weapon Lights Night Vision / Thermal Shotguns Shooting Accessories Destructive Devices (DD's) Body Armor Machine Gun Demonstrations Blowguns . Gulf Breeze Firearms. this is an aftermarket item made for this silencer. 45ACP Pistol Suppressor) on a . Features Include: 6061-T6 Aluminum Body, Matte Black Anodized Finish, 1/2-28 Thread, 1. 22/. Thompson Machine. Available Online. . 22: $250: Operative 10/22 INTEGRAL: $575: Operative (C) 10/22 . Compare. 5″. (0) Thompson Machine SIXTEEN Take-Apart Monocore 5. THOMPSON OPERATIVE 10/22 INTEGRAL SUPPRESSOR $672. 22lr suppressor that can be taken apart for cleaning should last you a lifetime. To open the file, simply double click the *. THOMPSON MACHINE; Isis . I've bought the Huntertown Guardian 22. If in the market for a 9mm pistol suppressor, Sig Sauer’s SRD 9 silencer is an optimal option. THOMPSON MACHINE: ISIS-2* 1. 45, the Isis-2 is an improvement over their earlier Isis-1, which is a still-excellent suppressor from Thompson. GA Sales: 1197. I’ve sold THOMPSON machine suppressors for almost 10 years and they’re all solid. 5: 1. The Isis-1 was great, the Isis-2 is even better! Now rated for SUBSONIC . 1. Suppressor Cover Medium (Pistol Suppressors) 1. $499. All the above listed cans are really good as well, all my 22 cans are THOMPSON machine cause I prefer the tone of them and feel they’re much quieter than others. Seller: Gulf Breeze Firearms. The SilencerCo Octane 9 2. The Isis-1 was great, the Isis-2 (new for 2012) is even better! Now rated for SUBSONIC . THOMPSON MACHINE ISIS 22 . 7". 0 is a user-serviceable 9mm pistol suppressor. BOWERS USS 22 The Thompson Machine CHD is rated for full auto . The engraving seen as THOMPSON MACHINE TM-22 on these prototypes will read THOMPSON MACHINE KFO of the production guns. See more ideas about silencers, suppressor, gemtech. Avg Rating: . Evo40: Note: The white rod is a delrin rod to push out the baffle stack. 17HMR rating on rifle hosts and you’ve got a suppressor that is ahead of the pack. My files are free to download, and if you share these files they must remain free! Download instructions. Designed from the ground-up to handle the unrelenting heat and abrasive blasting of sustained burst firing, the MG-SD features a rugged monolithic core of heat treated Inconel® 718. Using SilencerCo’s pioneered baffle design, it is constructed of aluminum to reduce weight where it counts, and stainless steel for supreme durability where it's needed, the Octane 9 is a dependable and versatile option in the pistol suppressor category. the rest piled up on the . 65. It would look cool but would not be as effective. Click to expand. 56 on the right): m4-2000 (mod8): Note: this was fired from a 9" 300BLK in full auto with a full mag. The other options were the Thompson Machine Isis-9 and the HTA on cheap low $3xxs serviceable cans, however as mentioned some issues with HTA, I have a Thompson Isis-22 and would really like the Isis-9 but the booster to use in on the pistol is like $150, which makes it a lot more than the HTA, effectively even more than the AAC. A quick peak of the new and improved Thompson Machine Wasp 2012. I hope this is the first of many future lawful transfers. as you'd only give up about 25-50 ft. Measure the LENGTH you want covered and ADD 0. Thompson Machine ISIS-2 9mm Suppressor Module Only GemTech ALPINE . BOWERS USS 22 The Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover - Light is designed for small configurations. A 12" barrel will give you about 280 ft. First Silencer Choices: By Host/Caliber. 22: $315: Zephyr . Industry-leading dB reduction, fool-proof disassembly and re-assembly (with only 3 total parts), and an affordable price tag are just a few of the features that set the Isis22 apart. Thompson Machine ISIS-2 9mm Suppressor Module Only THOMPSON OPERATIVE 10/22 INTEGRAL SUPPRESSOR $672. 5 inch barrel will work for that solution. Don’t buy a bowers can, they suck. Carolinashootersclub. Number of Reviews: 0. Thompson Machine invested a great deal of R&D, modeling and testing to come up with the ISIS 22, an all-aluminum rimfire handgun suppressor meant to minimize FRP. 17HMR, 22 and 22 Magnum, can be easily disassembled for cleaning. 00; . 56mm and 7. It will feature factory Ruger parts except for the Blackhawk stock and the intergral Thompson Machine Operative S suppressor. 5″ in diameter, you may need to . 38: LIBERTY SUPPRESSORS: . is designed to fit suppressors that are from 1. Thompson Machine is excited take this technology to the next level with our new (for 2017), Horizon Modular . 38: 8: 1. THOMPSON MACHINE ISIS 22 $315. A quality . 300 Blackout as well as centerfire pistol and rimfire calibers, the Isis-2 is truly among the quietest and most versatile pistol suppressors on the market. they just create more back pressure and portpop. 33. 800-727-6914; Sign in or Register; Compare ; Recently Viewed. Heavy Covers will only fit 1. 22LR can check out the Thompson Machine Wasp. ”. Oh, yeah, tax stamp will probably appear in June! Here's what I'm mounting the Guardian 22 on. And from Thompson Machine, the Isis-2 is one heck of a good pistol-caliber suppressor. Improvements to the old design include a threadless SilencerCo Sparrow 22 . 62 for under $900 - Not counting stamps of course. The Culmination of countless hours of R&D, the Thompson Machine Isis22 sets a new standard for what a rimfire suppressor should be. 300 Blackout. I found a 1/28 adapter and now the little booger sports a Thompson Machine Isis . With outstanding sound suppression on nearly every rimfire host firearm and little to no audible FRP, we think it’s the perfect . Thompson Machine is an American-based firearm suppressor company that has been providing gun enthusiasts with high-quality suppressors since 1991. We aim to provide our customers with the best deals possible! Short video of cleaning the Thompson Machine ISIS22 suppressor First five shots are CCI subsonic . Discussion in 'NFA/ Tax Stamp required' started by tsconver, Sep 22, 2014. , Mono-Baffle, Tool-Less Disassembly, Rated for . The craftsmanship rewards the shooter with a grade 9 titanium tube, meaning its lightness (9 ounces) and maneuverability (just over 7”) are top-notch features. I use a few 556 cans and they’re great if you’re willing to run an AGB or other tuning strategies. My dealer was very helpfull with the trust and he had the isis in stock. The Burn Proof Gear Covers are designed to allow the sleeve to cinch around the front and rear ends of the suppressor to ensure a “No-Slip Fit. 45 (. 338 lapua (next to an m4-2000 5. 22: $285: Wasp . Any AR-15 SBR with a 10. Thanks Shyster! jmanz6. Ruger Silent-SR 22LR . com talks with Brooks from Thompson Machine at the Silencers Are Legal Shoot at Elm Fork Shooting Range in Dallas. 22: $240: Zephyr XL . 22 magnum if that interests you. The 22 cans that they made are amazing! They offer a few 9mm cans from the small and compact Poseidon series for 9mm which don’t require the use of a booster to the isis 9 series which is larger and needs a booster (as any brand would In that size). Thompson Machine ISIS-2 9mm Suppressor Module Only $ 17. ago. This product has an average rating of 0 stars out of 5 stars from 0 ratings. The ones I'm looking at are cleanable. I intend for this to be a living document that can be updated with suppressors for . level 1. #8. 38″ DIAMETER. Dec 3, 2016 - Explore Silencer Shop's board "Rimfire Silencers" on Pinterest. Thompson Machine Isis-2, Suppressor, 8", 45ACP, 6061 T6, Anodized Matte Black Finish, Monocore Threadless Tube Design, . many of the supressors I'm looking at are designed to work with multiple calibers. Report Save. 22LR Host with a wipe installed. 22LR Suppressor 1/2 x 28 $ 283. 289. Check it out on the Rimfire page, Facebook and our YouTube channel or click that video. 00 The Culmination of countless hours of R&D, the Thompson Machine Isis22 sets a new standard for what a rimfire suppressor should be. Share. SilencerCo Sparrow 22 . 25 to 1. MSRP is $250. 125" diameter, Overall Length 6. Moreover, the 17-4 stainless steel baffles mean that its durability and sturdiness are . MODEL Isis 22 BlackHawk Pulse Rimfire . They say 5cc or aprx a small water bottle cap like a Poland spring bottle. com DA: 28 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 18. for a 19" barrel. Well, it's an Isis suppressor, so. 38 inches in diameter and can be made to fit any length. Seems to be what I am looking for and at a price I am willing to pay. Only cost $200; user-serviceable; lifetime warranty. God forbid I'm not able to get a suppressor or a sbr down the line I just turned 21 need time to build a collection. 22LR can. Search. DPRC Fun and Suppressor Shoot. 7oz I22-100-D. Yes, you can use the device on mulitple firearms and multiple calibers depending on the model purchased. The Burn Proof Gear Suppressor Cover Medium. Remove from CompareAdd to Compare. A TM Isis-2, A CZ and Brooks' Locks Blowin In The Wind . Remnar. Hello Again From Thompson Machine!! Corey@ThompsonMachine. 00 $297. The company’s products are available for purchase at over 400 dealers nationwide, with many more to come in the near future. Description The Culmination of countless hours of R&D, the Thompson Machine Isis22 sets a new standard for what a rimfire suppressor should be. The more the rifle is balanced, the better it will feel. 00; Sale! . 0oz I245-703-D Out of stock THOMPSON MACHINE THOMPSON OPERATIVE 10/22 BBL W/SPRSR Thompson Machine Isis22, Suppressor, 6. THOMPSON MACHINE: ISIS-2: MEDIUM: 8. Yankee Hill Machine 2 items . Toggle menu. Updates The HORIZON 22lr Modular Silencer is ready and shipping. Submit Your Best Offer. Turns out the barrel was threaded 1/20 for the fake can; I just ground down the weld to expose the hex screw, applied heat and off came that stupid hunk of steel. (GunReports. Dead Air Mask 22 Suppressor Review. THOMPSON MACHINE THOMPSON OPERATIVE 10/22 BBL W/SPRSR. You can run 1000+ rounds through a Sparrow without cleaning it and it will still be effective and you'll still be able to take it apart by hand. 62). The SG-2 (new for 2014) has all of the features of our original SG suppressor and adds more. I wish I could have been able to afford an ospray but this will be my first can and its gotten some good reviews on silencer talk so I'm just waiting. 56 Suppressor. 0oz I245-703-D Thompson Machine Operative, Suppressor, 22LR, 17", 4130 Aircraft Steel, Matte Parkerized/Anodized Finish, Integrally Suppressed Barrel System, 1lb 5oz OP22-200-D BlackHawk Pulse Rimfire . 09-09-2011, 11:17 AM. tsconver Sponsor Sponsor Club Subscribed . This video shows the extreme versatility . make it's full power. $285. 11B CIB, Apr 30, 2014. 22Mag/. Those two will cover 90% of applications. You want a brake but still want to use a suppressor. OUT OF STOCK. Our suppressors are available from a retail network of over 400 dealers in the United States. 22 suppressor. It's priced at $650 so after the 200 off I'll have the 9 and 7. level 2. Demonstration of the Thompson Machine Isis-2 . 56 and 7. $995. MSRP $375. Titan .

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